It is now widely accepted (and government policy) that people with learning disabilities should be entitled to career aspirations and success. However local practice has not reflected these policy changes primarily because it requires much greater partnership change than establishing a supported employment service to deliver the outcomes. The focus of South West Employment Institute is to help in this transformation through workshops and networking events, exploring new employment opportunities, enhancing expertise and ideas for energising engagement.


Teaching and Coaching for Success - Transition from Education to Employment

The focus of these sessions is on educational and supported employment strategies that broaden our perception and raise our expectations of people with learning disabilities becoming successfully employed to perform complex, systematic tasks. Explore new ways of tracking skill acquisition that make use of Lean tools, systematic instruction (TSI) and customised employment planning and acquire creative ways to teach employability (“soft”) skills in light of their demonstrated importance in successful job retention.

Audience: People who work with young people who are furthest from the labour market in their last year of education either in class or in employer-based work experience. Especially useful to staff who are actively engaged in helping young disabled people explore and get paid jobs.

Delivery: 4 half day sessions [on site]

Cost for all 4 sessions: £295 per person

Or a 2 day workshop [minimum of 20 people are required per session]. Cost: £250 per person.


Managing for Success

This information-packed session offers an ideal opportunity for you to get up to speed with the current employment agenda for those who are furthest from the labour market. It will include potential funding streams available to support people with disabilities into employment, the evidence for Supported Employment; why it works and why is it important to invest in your Job Coaches. Investing in Quality in service design and delivery imperatives together with the importance of partnership will be addressed.

Audience: Local Authority Commissioners of Learning Disability Services/Supported Employment Services, Senior Managers of Learning Disability Services, Managers and Line Managers of Supported Employment and Education Leaders for Employment.

Delivery: half day workshop A minimum of 20 participants is required for this course.

Cost: £73 per person


Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI)

Based on proven techniques, this workshop includes on-site practical learning with (paid) consultant learners at the course venue and working with local employers. It will develop job coaching skills for breaking down and analysing jobs as well as teaching complex employment tasks.

The training will equip participants to complete task analysis and use the environment to develop effective training and support strategies for people who find it difficult to learn; utilise a planning decision-making framework that makes use of all available resources. Using a set of values that recognises that people respond best when their human worth and dignity are respected, there is a focus is on natural motivation and natural reinforcement to ensure success for the individual.

Audience: Anyone who is involved in supporting people in an employment setting. A minimum of 12 people are required for this course.

Delivery: 4 full day sessions plus 1 follow up day [with lunch]

Cost: £588 per person.

Please note, if you can host the course, we can offer you 2 free places in exchange for the venue.


Busting the Myths of Supported Employment

For anyone passionate about supported employment, this workshop could help you and your colleagues begin to address issues that really concern people. Come and participate in this stimulating, thought provoking, yet fun and practical workshop, leave with ideas of how to approach employers, teach a complex task using Systematic Instruction, information about how people can be ‘better off’ in work and practical ideas on how to discover what could be a great job for ‘John or Jayne’.

Audience: Job coaches, their managers, commissioners and anyone interested in the idea of supported employment.

Delivery: One day workshop. 

Cost: £153 per person

A minimum of 18 participants is required for this course.


Supported Self Employment-Rapid Enterprise Development workshops

South West Employment Institute offers a range of self employment workshops, delivered in partnership with The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. They are aimed at people interested in supporting individuals to explore supported self employment and small business ownership. Below is a brief description of each workshop.

One day workshops focus on specific aspects:

Break even RED – Do the numbers add up? A one day workshop for job coaches and other employment staff working with people interested in exploring self employment.

Innovations RED - Business idea generation. A one day workshop for job coaches and other employment staff that builds on the business viability work done to date. Participants should already have ideas for businesses that they wish to explore.

Rapid Enterprise Development [RED]

The original 2 day RED, for people with a learning disability and those that support them, uses interactive sessions and role plays is designed to work out the basics of a business idea, from marketing to finance, and the viability of the idea.

Participants will leave confident with the basics of a business plan to work on.

Audience: Supported Employment personnel, those working with students, local authority day services and families engaged in supporting workers with learning disabilities. A minimum of 10 people are required for these courses.

Delivery: 1 or 2 day workshops

Cost : £ 243 [1 day] £427 [2 days] per person


Access to Work Funding using Good Job Coaching Practices

Focusing on the requirements of Access to Work, how it links with and compliments best Job Coaching Practice, workshop will give practical advice and information on how to apply for and use the funding.

Audience: Job Coaches, People working within Project Search sites, Employers and professionals actively engaged in supporting people with disabilities into paid employment. A minimum of 13 people are required for this course.

Delivery: Half day session

Cost: £95 per person

Please note: There is the option of follow on consultancy for £200 per local authority that involves support with 2 applications


Valued in Work action learning events – Innovation in recruiting and employing people with learning disabilities

Valued in Work action learning events begin with the Valued in Public guide, as well as other materials developed by the Business Disability Forum, to support employers as they craft better working relationships with those that help them to recruit and employ people with learning disabilities. These highly interactive structured workshops involve five to six employers, each represented by a recruiting line manager, and a human resources manager. A job broker or intermediary wishing to support each of the organisations to employ people with learning disabilities joins each team.

The day moves systematically through best practice in how to attract, recruit, select, appoint and induct from this willing and able talent pool.

Audience: Each Valued in Work participating employer brings the following people to the table: a recruiting line manager, a human resources manager and a job broker/intermediary.

Delivery: Team members attend for a full day (from 9am until 4pm) and there will be some work before and after the day itself. Please note that this is fundamental to the success for your organisation.

Cost: (Funded by a grant from Progress Recruitment]