People with learning disabilities have skills and talents. We are starting to see more and more people using these to create enterprise opportunities as one way to create employment opportunities. This range of workshops, delivered in partnership with The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities is for people interested in supporting the exploration of supported self employment and small business ownership as a route to work.

Building on wider supported employment principles, these workshops are suitable for a wide range of people who are involved in and around inclusive employment. In addition to Supported Employment personnel, this might include those working in schools, colleges of further education, local authority day services as well as families, and engaged in supporting workers with learning disabilities. In addition, people with a learning disability may be interested in the two day RED.



Our interactive and accessible workshops are designed to build the skills and capacity to support individuals interested in exploring self employment as well as groups interested in developing social enterprise. Although the workshops are designed to develop skills incrementally and are best used as a part of the strategic development programme, they can be accessed as stand alone training.


We have three core workshops

1 - Rapid Enterprise Development

The Original RED workshop has been designed specifically to support the development of enterprise ideas by offering guidance to people with learning disabilities and their support workers.

These fully accessible workshops are delivered around specific ‘enterprise tables’, using a range of interactive sessions and role play to work out the basics of a business idea, from marketing to finance, and the viability of the idea. Participants and their support workers finish the two day session with the confidence and the basics of a business development plan to work on.

The sessions include:

  • Market Assessment
  • Finding the entrepreneur
  • Marketing
  • Finance: Making it all stack up
  • Operations
  • Action Planning


2 - Break even RED – Do the numbers add up?

A one day workshop for job coaches and other employment staff working with people interested in exploring self employment that focuses on the viability of an idea and how to assess it.

The day will include information on:

  • Developing a business idea
  • Initial finance and break even
  • Understanding business benefits
  • Customer and consumers


3 - Innovations RED - Business idea generation

A one day workshop for job coaches and other employment staff that builds on the business viability work done to date and looks at the different ways to strengthen the proposition.

The day will include:

  • Business idea generation
  • Revisiting break even
  • Business improvement strategies
  • Developing the proposition


Who should attend?

These courses are for people with learning disabilities and the people that support them. Participants should already have ideas for businesses that they wish to explore.


Cost: £243 [1 day] £427 [2 days] per person

Delivered by: Keith Bates Head of Employment at FPLD