Teaching in Systematic Instruction (TSI)

The Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI) approach is based on proven techniques developed in the 1970s, and refined progressively over 3 decades, for teaching people with learning disabilities, complex employment tasks. This workshop is for people who:

  • Are committed to inclusive employment for people with learning disabilities.
  • Want to learn more about ways of coaching people to learn real skills in real work places.
  • Want to develop effective training and support strategies for people who find it difficult to learn.
  • Want to learn to analyse specific tasks and characteristics of environments to be used in teaching, emphasis is placed on integrated work and community settings.
  • Want to develop a problem-solving approach that assists the trainer to use all available resources to ensure success for the individual.


The course is suitable for a wide range of people who are involved in and around inclusive employment. In addition to Supported Employment personnel, this might include those working in schools, colleges of further education, local authority day services and employers engaged in supporting workers with learning disabilities.



The training will be delivered through structured presentations, discussions and practical exercises. A major feature of the training is the opportunity for practical learning with (paid) consultant learners and employers who agree to assist us with the workshop. Participants will work with people at the venue and a community setting. It is expected that for the practical sessions some delegates will be able to use their own transport to take a person with a learning disability they will be working with to the community site. This will be required for 2 sessions. Participants may incur minimal expenses, which they will need to claim back from their employing organisation.

All participants must be committed to attend all five days of the course which is 9am – 5pm for each of the initial intensive 4 days with 5th day 3-6 months later to consolidate learning following participant practice: the timing of which will be agreed with participants.


Who should attend?

TSI is best undertaken when already coaching individuals in jobs so that the participant can immediately apply the learning following their workshop participation. It is important to have been introduced to the basic techniques of job coaching before attending this course. We therefore normally require a participant to have attended a course which included the values of supported employment and/or personalised employment planning before attending the TSI.


Cost: £588.00

Delivered by: Liz Garnham TSI Trainer and Consultant